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Feb 04 - Brand new set of IDs for Ten featuring its lineup of new shows for 2004, based on a fresh cartoon style with some fantastic 2D effects. Unfortunately, those grainy "rolling film" effects that have popped up in almost every set of IDs Ten have used for the past 3 years still make an appearance, although only briefly. This set of IDs are set to the song 'Don't Panic' by Coldplay.
530KB RV8 Medium ID
Nov 03 - Yet another summer ID set to a song with the word 'love' in the title - this year it was all set to be Christine Anu's 'Talk About Love'. However, just a few weeks into the promotion it was announced Anu would be a judge on Channel 7's upcoming Popstars Live. Almost overnight her song disappeared from Ten screens, and the IDs were dubbed with Australian Idol winner Guy Sebastian's 'All I Need Is You'. (And yes, Idol was shown on Ten!)
1.26MB RV8 Long Ident
2 Feb 03 - Ten continued with the personality IDs, but with this updated version for 2003 dropping the blue & yellow theme. It is set to the song 'Magic Carpet Ride (Crystal Method Remix)' by Steppenwolf.
530KB RV8 Medium ID
Nov 02 - Ten introduced this ID for the start of summer. It is set to the song 'Superstars of Modern Love' by GTO. This ID was used as the main ID between shows, but all of Ten's other continuity aspects stayed the same.
1.26MB RV8 Long Ident
10 Feb 02 - Another total revamp for Ten, with the introduction of the "blue & yellow" campaign. The "yellow" concept comes direct from ABC America, who use catchcry 'definately | ABC'. A number of pop songs were used during the promotion, including 'Yellow' by Coldplay.
1.41MB Yellow
Seriously Ten
2 Dec 01 - This ident was set to the Leah Haywood song 'Summer Of Love'. It features Ten celebrities on the 'Secret Life Of Us' roof, plus scenes of Haywood singing. It came into use at the start of Summer TV, and replaced all the idents below. The only other thing that changed to this style was the signpost. These idents were used alongside the previous ident below.
1.26MB Long Ident
Coming Soon Signpost
Seriously Ten
These were the first idents of Ten's to have scenes of their own personalities really integrated into the ident, something which Ten continued into idents after this (above).
0.99MB Medium

Feb 2001
- Ten was totally revamped with an all new package of idents. There were 2 types of idents in this package, the 'test facility' idents and the fun idents. The test facility idents are where Ten is tested and all the programs come out. This package came with a whole station revamp, and was designed to attract older viewers.
1.85MB Generic
1.25MB Australian Shows

Also included in the package were a number of fun idents. They are similar to the idents used in late 1999.
918KB Individual
981KB Engaging

As you can see in the following videos, Ten was totally revamped. The only thing that stayed the same was the look of the news.
920KB Signpost
736KB Sport Opener
678KB PRG (Program Return Graphic)
340KB End ID
Let Ten Entertain You
Ten introduced this signpost ID in the summer of 2000. It was only used as a signpost, and was used alongside the regular IDs below. The catch-cry 'Let Ten Entertain You' was very short lived, being replaced in early 2001 by the successful 'Seriously'.
217KB RV8 Signpost

This ident was used in 2000 and the start of 2001. It used the same graphics as the previous idents. These idents were produced by Sydney based company Side-On Film Productions.
813KB Bowling
827KB Nightclub
301KB Aquarium
299KB Sparkler
This ident was used from November 1999. A whole station revamp came with this ident, and 'themes' of graphics. The idents were supposed to entertain the viewer through the add breaks. The idents were of people watching programs, then reacting to them, and us watching it from the position of the TV set. These idents were produced by Sydney based company Side-On Film Productions.
614KB Wrestling
627KB Millionaire

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